Week one done! The Global Image

This has been a full on week. Spent finding my way around Canvas and the hub. Digesting what was being asked and then making it much harder than it actually was.

One of my tasks in the induction was to set up a CRJ, what I have noticed already is that I seem to really over think what I need to do.

I am a part of the January Cohort study block 2 which goes by the name Cromarty and is from January until May 2018.

I will be recording by way of three forms which can be found in the menu or by clicking on the links below

and share my coursework and project progression under three headings each module.

Contextual Research - By reading and research methods

Project Development - Focused on my Final Major Project

Coursework - Individual weekly tasks and assignments

I have reflected long and hard about this week. The most striking thing that I realised very quickly is how so many adults have a different view on what is expected of them and how they interpret an objective. There is no right or wrong so just do your thing!

So what is my thing? I have spent the week realising that there is a whole new world of photography out there that I have ignored with my single vision and actually my bubble has burst and I look forward to embracing the challenge ahead.

#CriticalResearchJournal #MAPhotography #cromarty #reflection

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