Week 2: Multiple Media and Interdisciplinary Practices. This is getting deep!

So week one had me very fixed in my ideas of where I was going with my MA. Week two has got me questioning Photography as a whole. Leaving me very empty inside and feeling like I don't and never had looked at the reason why I do what I do. Only that the end result is the task for me. The mix of students studying along side me is a huge range. With people interested in Anthropology to Surfing. I naively thought most people would be interested in portraiture and the fact they arnt is pushing me to open my mind and see the bigger picture. This week was about interdisciplinary practices and what works along side photography, a very interesting week. As pretty much everything does! As before please follow the links;

Week 2: Multiple Media and Interdisciplinary Practices.

Contextual Research - By reading and research methods

Project Development - Focused on my Final Major Project

Coursework - Individual weekly tasks and assignments

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