What do non photographers think of Pros?

A subject this week that has me yet again questioning views.

Well to be honest I feel in 2018, everyone is a photographer so it would be hard to find a person who doesn't take lots of images on Iphones and compacts so I don't think non photographers really exist, well not in the UK anyway. That said I have seen some amazing shots from non professionals or hobbyists, those people who just love to take a shot of the flora and fauna in their yard and some unforgivably poor images from so called professionals.You could argue that the essence of a true professional photographer is having the ability to deliver brilliant photographs anytime, anywhere in any situation. But again, there many professionals who can’t do that and are one genre photographers…also there a ton of hobbyists who can rise to that challenge in any genre each and every time.So, I think when you think about the level of ability to create amazing photographs consistently, and then add the skill to earn income from it if they so choose, as well as being able to deliver under pressure like at a wedding or a key moment then you start to get to the base of what a professional photographer should be. Does that mean they are better? We also looked into use of Iphone and such for citizen Journalism. Is it appropriate or even right for the use of filters in images. I looked on this a little deeper and thought of the use of mobiles in the criminal world and how this is affecting our children. Read more here

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