Week four supposed to be Collaboration

You would have thought that "collaboration" would be easy. Take a group of people who do not know each other, chuck them together with a medium to communicate that no one really knows and ask them to come up with a presentation of their choice.

The aim of the collaboration I thought was to come up with a piece of work that you could say had multiple people involved to a defined role and an agreed end result.k

Just so you know what it means... Definitions of these words..

Collaboration is working together to create something new in support of a shared vision. The key points are that it is not through individual effort, something new is created, and that the glue is the shared vision.

Coordination is sharing information and resources so that each party can accomplish their part in support of a mutual objective. It is about teamwork in implementation. Not creating something new.

Cooperation is important in networks where individuals exchange relevant information and resources in support of each other’s goals, rather than a shared goal. Something new may be achieved as a result, but it arises from the individual, not from a collective team effort.

All three of these are important. All three are aspects of teamwork. But they are not the same! Did I think we achieved the goal?

How did we get on with the task click below?

Contextual Research- By reading and research methods

Project Development - Focused on my Final Major Project

Coursework - Individual weekly tasks and assignments

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