Week Seven - Strategic choices

"Many photographers have indeed been lucky to find themselves in the right place at the right time, to get a celebrated image but decisive, creative choices are made by photographers at all stages of the picture making progress, whether this is in the planning, the execution or the delivery of a final body of work. Some photographers, like William Eggleston perhaps have seemed to build photographic portfolios through what sometimes appears to be little more than photographic geniuses. An uncanny ability to find remarkable beauty and poetry in the ordinariness of everyday life and translate this through an irritatingly effortless and understated visual style."

So the brief this week as I understood it was to think outside of the box. This week has taught me how in a box I am. To put it plainly, I am so fixed on certain styles and images I want to make that I have taken away the element of choice from myself. I have limited my options. This week I had the box lid taken off and was challenged by a fellow peer to take some photographs 1, see that work here

Write a reflective account of the Peer Commissioned Micro Project. How did you find the process? Was it helpful? Evaluate the set of images you produced.

Contextual Research- By reading and research methods

Project Development - Focused on my Final Major Project

Coursework - Individual weekly tasks and assignments

1, © Gail Timms ( Lost)

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