Surfaces and Strategies Week 1 -Re-Photography

So after what seems an eternity while we received our results and feedback from module one, we are here at module two. I have been looking forward to this module, especially the re-photography as I feel most of what we do is based on an idea some one else has had. Or a time or a place we want to see how it has changed. Re photographing loved ones to see how our children have grown and the various methods of showing that.

In "So much for individuality" Bill Jay quotes Lionel Trilling who said, “The immature artist imitates. Mature artists steal.” which is to do with those are striving to be different and who disdain the history of the medium because they do not want to be influenced by the past.

Personally I do want to be influenced by the past. I love that the past are inspired me to do my projects. Also the past is what makes this MA work, without past examples you couldn't teach and inspire to get new ideas or inspiration.

One task this week was to rephotograph and so while I was on my way to a historical site I was distracted by the huge amount of Polish and Latvian shops that had popped up in the last ten years.

I looked on Google maps to compare. In a stretch of 600 metres there were seventeen European shops.

You can see my write up here

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