Surfaces and Strategies Week 3 -Strategies of sharing

This weeks topic was about sharing, sharing the load, sharing the ideas, sharing the work. In my reality does it actually work? I really enjoy collaborating but at what personal expense. I personally come out of it feeling empty. I have never found working with people easy. Unless I lead, I am usually found wanting. As I am not confident enough to say I don't like that, or can we do it this way? Probably because I still feel intimidated by the vast amount of highly educated people on this course and little old me, well, I can take a pretty good picture. Just need to learn to look into it deeper. Ask myself lots more questions and do my best to answer those questions. I have considered putting the course on hold but after conversations with fellow students I know I can do this. For joint projects I need to either come up with ideas, be more actively taking part or find my voice. I am sure doing all of that will help me with my business side of things.

So to the Zines

For this project I teamed up with

Jo Salomon

Andrew Barrow

Alexandra Prescott

Graham Land

Alan Harris

Some of us just provided images to the end result. So appreciate the work that others have done in getting to the end result. We decided we would ask fro a selfie that was reflected. Maybe it was too difficult for some people and put them off, but being as a vast majority of selfies are with people using mirrors, I kind of expected more. We decided to name who they were and add the location. It was interesting to see that friends in Bulgaria wanted to help out.

The images I got to contribute are these.

I was happy that people joined in but disappointed that out of the hundreds of friends only a handful replied. Thing is worth the tasks there isn't really much thinking or planning time. As you are conscious of getting behind but also conscious of keeping other students waiting. Which was part of my problem, the selfies I did provide took a while to emerge, and then it was started by a fellow student, I then approached family.

#selfies #reflecedselfies #MAPhotography #reflection

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