Surfaces and strategies - Exhibition plans

July 16, 2018

The next steps...

Following the first four weeks of 'strategies', we now shift attention towards 'surfaces' and the three recommended activities:

  • a group exhibition (held in Week 12)

  • a publication (carried out according to your schedule)

  • a workshop (carried out at a time of your choosing)



What the?!


First thoughts are how the heck am I going to find the time for that lot, on-top of the assignments due in six weeks? Then I got a little excited. I have never done an exhibition before, terrifying thought. I have rang so many galleries, provisionally booked one. Then as the week progressed started looking at different ways to exhibit and so now the thought of a gallery seem a tad boring. 


 This Gallery, The Carre gallery in Sleaford, initially agreed a nice space in the main room, so I began to think on what I needed to do, how I would organise the room. What I wanted to achieve only had this small room at the front available, the rest of it was going to be in use and not in-keeping with my images with very limited lighting. A local competition with anything on the walls as long as it was from in the town. I had to re think, spoke to a few people in Cromarty and decided that I have to prioritise, based on the fact the assignments need to take much more of my time and effort, I have come to the conclusion that this is awful timing for me to get it right, and for me to get it right would take a lot of time effort and money in making my own frames and literature to go with it and to represent me the way I want and so I will go with the Landings exhibition online. What this has done though is open my eyes to the how element. I have never done an exhibition in person and so I can now see myself doing this at some point in my MA and with confidence. 





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