Castle Ceconi

Before I started my MA with Falmouth, I wanted to do some training with Gary Hill. He is great with light and I knew he would push me. So when I saw a workshop with him and Alexandra Lord. I jumped at the chance of booking. Alex does a very similar style to myself and was someone I looked up to for inspiration. Roll on a year and I have grown so much with my view on photography. This really was not suitable for me right now. I felt it closed me down and one tracked my mind again. That said there some stunning views and great young models to use with Alex styling. I got to look around Graphistudio and fell in love with the Amalfi paper. A little description of it here I intend to use this in my FMP and along the way shall be looking at ways to do that. Be it in a leather bound album or framed or mounted on the wall. My mind has been buzzing about this paper, especially as Graphi can print in HD, the difference is incredible. This is a great print along side a HD. This is going to be the type of print I use in my FMP because the colours are incredible in person.

Here are some shots from Castle Ceconi in Italy.

To be honest I feel there was such a variety of levels on the workshop it was hard to work at all levels so although I didnt learn much when I was there I found a cracking red wine!

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