Surfaces and strategies week 4

This week saw me having to think outside of the box and having to find a new way of taking images. Then thinking how I could use them in my work. I chose to use the scanner as I didn't really have much else around. I took a few attempts, firstly remembering to have the scanner in colour would help. and then where to position the flower, so I had a lot of part-flower, part blank images. As soon as I uploaded the image to photoshop and applied some the workflow I normally use. I could instantly see where and how I could use these kinds of images. I thoroughly enjoyed this task as it has given me further options to use moving forward.

I have been looking around and see there are plenty of photographers that do what I do. But does that mean I shouldn't do it? When I look at the masters I often see work that is inspired from other painters and on a recent trip to the National Gallery there are some paintings that without names being attached you would think it was the same person that painted them. But it doesnt take away from the fact that the paintings are great, are masterpieces and in the National Gallery so they cant be that bad can they?

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