Surfaces and strategies- Back to the drawing board.

A conversation in my tutorial with Stella helped me to see some ways forward she liked the window and suggested maybe using that to help bring the old in with new and update narratives I think it was the first time Stella had seem my work so she didn't really have much time to analyse it but she did help me see how I can move forward, so I sat back and looked through my notes. Seeing that I was running out of time to get something into the Landings project I felt I had to get some focus. With the help from a grand daughters scribble. I began working on stories within the images.

I had began the same type of images in this module but had relaxed on Rembrandt style as I was feeling a little trapped within the same artist and wanted to look at other artists. So I took myself off to the National gallery and saw that even though there were some head shots, most of the paintings had a story to them, which is what got people to look at the paintings longer. That feeling of "my work is crap" was beginning to climb all over me again. But then I knew what I had to do. I decided to mix old with new. So it could be an old style dress in a modern setting or an old building with a window to a modern scene and began to work on the new series. I have started from scratch even with textures used to create a vintage look. I am happy with the results so far.

This image I took at the gallery and then added the girl and bird. I feel it gives a stronger image. The girl is not interested in the paintings as she is more concerned about the bird, but I tried to make it look like she is the painting and the gallery is the other side of the painting with the gallery visitors not interested in her painting but sleeping. I feel I achieved this and it has spurred me on to continue with this style.

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