Surfaces and strategies- Exhibition plans and Landings 2018 musings.

What started off with excitement has very quickly turned into panic. I realised that my MA website is private and I want it to stay that way for now. The reason behind that is my work is changing so much to experiment within the course that I feel if things go wrong I can't remove it from the webspace if it is shared. My work is currently very different. I am thrilled to be in a learning environment where it is encouraged for me to come out of my comfort zone but it may not go down well with my client base so I am guarded. Especially while this new me is developing. But that said by doing an MA I have committed to learning in front of others so put my mind back in amature mode. Learn and experiment.

So, onto building a new website. I decided to go straight for Wix platform again instead of wasting time trying to learn another provider when I have so much other stuff I can be doing. So that took at lot of time trying to get it looking how I wanted to, that was so that it was predominately about portraiture. So I currently have the MA website

Personal Pre MA website

New Portraiture website which includes online exhibits.

I have decided it was a better idea to keep the portraits away from the day to day photography like weddings as they are very different and the website has become very busy. So I want the portraits to be very meaningful. I have taking photos and thinking about a topic, for example this child holding a bible, in a chapel room with a cross into the brick, I started subtly I still want the image to be about the child/adult but with a topic.

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