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I came across a website Ricter Pollilli who states John Sevigny from his article ‘Study Old Pantings To Breathe New Life Into Your Photography’ points out that photography has a history of roughly 200 years compared to thousands of years for art. He states, “As the infant of the visual arts, photography inevitably draws upon the millennia of picture-making that came before it. The thousands of years of development, thought, research, and hard work that have marked the history of art can provide powerful sources of photographic inspiration.

He very well captures the essence of Dutch masters work and how it relates into photography and how I want it to still be a big part of where I want to be. I have enjoyed learning about the masters and still feel they are a part of the work I produce.

So I currently continue to use those methods of light, composition and shadows. But need to add my own story.

Jackson Pollock moving forward from the masters stated, “It doesn’t make much difference how the paint is put on as long as something has been said. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.” John Savigny indicates, “Painting is not photography — but it contains lessons that can make us better at what we do.”

This image refers to what they are reading in the book.

I had the idea for this image as the 100yrs RAF celebration was on TV, so I took a photograph of the crowds on TV and added it to the photograph. I feel it works but moving forward the future or past in the window needs to be more defined, for example a demonstration or something that is clearly thought about at the historical times.

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