Surfaces and strategies- Reflecting on what needs to be done.

I have spent a long time reflecting on the story being told. It almost has halted me as it really has made me feel like my work is empty.

Playing around with a different form of getting images as seen in the course tasks, 24hrs. I found a new way to add to the current practice and have added a picture into the image that was made with the scanner and the edited. I feel it ads more depth to the image, the image has even more character.

I actually found the time to take some photographs. I decided I was going to bring a few things together and so put in my own background to as another dimension, I added my own texture and also by adding a cross in the wall and reading the bible hopefully tells the viewer what is actually happening. I am very happy with these images and they are beginning to represent what I want to do. I know that religion paid a huge part in the era I am looking at, so it is something I will look further into and how I can portray in other images.

I spent a lot of time on other areas and neglected to actually take any images, so worked on textures and planned the images I would take next week.

My First images were taken where on a workshop with Gary Hill and Alexandra Lord, so even though they were taken with my own camera and editing, it was in the learning environment and so will not be in my WIP portfolio at the end of the module.

In the feedback from Positions and Practices, I had the following feedback.

"Technically, your images are of a very high standard - you have honed your techniques photographically and also extract the pose and appearance that you really wish your subject to convey for you. The chosen format was perhaps not the best platform to show them on. The images are not big enough to do them justice and there is a lot of USM in exporting the jpegs. The decision not to include images with more of the mise-en-scene means that the images are considerably ‘two dimensional’. You are still very much in your comfort zone - there has been some experimenting building upon the imagery submitted in your application to the programme, but you have yet to make more of a ‘leap’ into the creative unknown! The narrative of your work is pretty ambiguous at this stage: how are the images connected? Is there a narrative here that you are exploring? How might captions or other material (and/or visual elements) be used to tell a story here? Your creative decisions should be led by a revised approach to the research project as a whole (see comments on Research Project Proposal). You have got the technical abilities and aptitude to create much more challenging and critical imagery, and this will stand you in good stead in the following modules if you are willing to embrace a more critical direction for your practice. LO1: 70 LO2: 54 Average: 62% PASS 12.4/20"

So while I was in the workshop I had this in mind and looked at more story in my images. I also took photographs of the local castle to use as the backdrop I composited hopefully to retract from a two-dimensional feel. I also looked more into emotion with the sitter and added a book prop to add a narrative in the image. So for this module, I will be focusing on adding the above feedback to my images.

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