Surfaces and Strategies - Tutorial

After a tutorial I had a follow up email from Stella suggesting I look at Herbert Guillaum. He also uses a mix of old paintings and new elements. Be it a rock or himself. It does look very separated, intentional. Where as my work was to mix the two to make it look like it had come from the same era. I like the fact it is very obvious and is something I will look at for the next module WIP.

Moving on I have been working hard at producing images. I have upgraded some of my equipment. I still shoot with Nikon d750 but have now added new speed-lights Nikon sb900s and also a new Quadra head kit. Love it. Where has this bit of kit been? I used it once in my sessions because mainly they are studio based and it isn't appropriate for that. But if you want something that can stop the sun in its tracks.

Bought at my own expense, I did manage to find a bargain or two.

#elb #tutorial #surfacesandstrategies

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