Surfaces and strategies - Coming together

Work in progress portfolio finally ready here.

I am very happy with how my portfolio has come along this module. I was still looking at closer portraits but giving more depth, maybe a different background like this. For this I added the door as the background, and then messed around with photoshop and textures to blend it in.

As much as I actually do love that image, when I visited the National gallery I had my eyes opened to the stories that the paintings were telling. Something clicked and I came out of there feeling like I had more of a purpose. So I took some paintings and added what I would consider wrong items. Like the wind turbines and girl with pigs in the Bolton Bridge by Turner.

I think this is my favourite image of the portfolio as it strikes me as very obvious that I have photoshopped it.

My process is very in depth with how I work, at times when I have looked at other peoples images, I ask myself am I causing myself far too much work with all the post processing. But to be honest my art is what I do. I have always just gone with a gut instinct. For example.

I take an image.

Do a basic edit in Lightroom, then open it up in Photoshop. and think about what elements I want in the image. In this case, I was trying to get away from two dimentional and so I added the walls, and window that I took elswhere.

Edited it, then added a floor

Pierre Patel

I added the image in the window as another element that shouldn't be there. That is Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt by Pierre Patel, from the 1600's

After adding texture and layers and curves I am happy that the image does the talking and certainly has me looking at it longer than my earlier portraits.

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