What do artists do all day?

BBC television program recommended by Stella during tutorial as something fun to watch. I absolutely loved it and could see how the painter while doing his self portrait series, Raqib Shaw was similar in many ways to how I work. Oh how I wish I could paint like him. I loved how he collaborated with other people. I wonder if the people buying his work knew it wasn't just by his fair hand! He stated that he saw no difference between art and life or it becomes a product. I too like to use real life in my work and how it is progressing will be using much more real life references in my work but inspired still by the Dutch Masters period.

Like my self he said he wants to capture the beauty and pain. I have been intent on capturing the beauty I had forgotten about the pain. I live with such trauma in the Foster children, that I have decided to bring that into my artistry. So I too can capture the beauty and pain in my photography.

He collaborated with many people. From flower arrangers to designers and artists who take photos and have them drawn onto tracing paper then projected onto a canvas for him to paint, very much like many Dutch Masters would draw and even recent painters became photographers by wanting to sketch work onto canvas first..

I am guilty of having a house like Aladdin's cave and so this module I am not setting out to buy new props but like Raquib I will not buy things all the time but use things I have around me. He also says to learn from your mistakes. I don't really see photography as that you make mistakes, it just changes from your plan.

He refers to happiness is like an orgasm it doesn’t really last! I guess thats why we keep pursuing it as its great while it lasts!

Worth a watch! Thank you, Stella.

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