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The task this week was to look at your mission statement, your market and your product.

It certainly helps you focus a little more on who you are and maybe who you want to be going forward.

Artist statement

A fine art photograph should be visually stunning, not only technically but with the ability to drag emotion from you by connecting. The same way music makes you want to cry or dance. That is what I strive for in every image I take, and then create. I say create as my images only just begin in the camera. My images are created by me with textures and layers of changes and corrections that I felt within my emotions when I plan my sessions. My images are unique and is not just my camera at work taking a photograph.

I strive to provide a personalised service and unique photography experience that a family will treasure as an heirloom. Seeing a product in a unique way that references art and history. Providing high-quality imagery, with an elegant interpretation I create timeless images bringing a touch of the past back to life.

The Product

The product is also created by me. That can come in various forms. I provide a service whereby we create unique sessions of fine art with the aim to have top end artwork on your wall, by framed prints or framed canvas prints with a look of authenticity good enough to have in a gallery or fine art prints in a beautiful album. Some work is available on a modern USB. Quality printing enables my end results to meet the quality required to the image justice using fine art paper to bring out the textures. I can also offer training to beginner photographers or families wanting to take better family snaps.

The Market

Creative people who like a little something different.

High-end clients who want unique and bespoke artwork on their wall. Families who love nothing more than capturing the moment in a bespoke way.

Museums and galleries who want to display the art of historic value. Publishers who would want a book of fine art prints with historical themes.

I also use social media to market and promote services offered. Using the internet and my website to host online galleries.

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