Sustainable Prospects - Paris F2F

I missed the one in Falmouth and felt pretty jealous at the relationships that had be forged while I couldn't be there so made a point of being there this time. As I suspected it was great to meet everyone and build friendships beyond the computer.

Paris, was mind blowing, literally. So much to take in, in such little time.

Touring around Paris at various galleries I thought was going to help me find my place and has only led to further confusion.

Yes I liked a lot of the photographers. Including,

Claudine Doury

Laura Henno

Jérôme AvraHam Benarroch

But loved

Stephen Gladieu

Danielle Van Zadelhoff

Denis Rouvre Erwin Olaf

There wasn't much work like my own, does that mean there isn't a market for it?

Anyway a few iphone snaps to commemorate the occasion along with a broken boot from so much walking!

#sustainableprospects #parisphoto #grandpalais #juedepom #StephenGladieuDanielleVanZadelhoffDenisRouvr #DanielleVanZadelhoff #DenisRouvre #ErwinOlaf #JérômeAvraHamBenarroch

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