Sustainable Prospects - What kind of Photographer am I?

Just Musing!

As this module as progressed I have become more confused about what I am doing. I can turn my hand to anything with a camera pretty much as any half decent photographer should be able to. Granted we specialise but we all at MA level should be able to do a portrait or a landscape to varying abilities. But where you put yourself in the market is something else. In the time prior to MA life, I did newborns, weddings, pets, portfolio updates, commercial headshots to name a few. Not full time ( my choice) But wanting to earn an income from it I needed to be versatile. The digital world, as discussed in The versatile image: photography, digital technologies and the Internet 14 Nov 2013 by Alexandra Moschovi and Carol McKay. For editorial is now not point and shoot but point and share. So what I mostly do is stay away from that, even though these days you take the photo on your phone, edit it with an app on your phone, then post it to various other apps on your phone. So to make it as a fine art photographer you need to keep your art on a wall. But then saying that it can be hung in a digital format using screens. I am feeling that to be on a wall or gallery I need to change up what I am doing and this has come at a bad time as I should really be clear where I am heading in the MA.

MOSCHOVI, A., MCKAY, C., & PLOUVIEZ, A. (2013). The versatile image: photography, digital technologies and the internet.


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