Sustainable Prospects - Paris portfolio review

I was really looking forward to the portfolio review. I decided on this module, part way through to make some radical changes. I had began the module with images of a similar style but not with the same era. I took on board advice in my previous module comments and took another look at Tom Hunter's Persons Unknown. He made use of historical paintings and lighting but like myself used models in a more contemporary context, I was hoping that the images would speak for themselves with regard to content. But I did experiment with using historical visual but with current mental health issues that affect looked after children. Being a foster carer for very challenging children. I have seen some horrific damage done to children. I have also struggled how to portray that in my images without glorifying the abuse for example. So I decided to do 'less is more' and moved on to images with no historical viewpoint. When I stood back and looked at these images, they, although are telling a story, do not give me the same joy work wise. They are relatively quick to do unlike the costumes images.

The historical scenes, in a way are a bit of therapy for me. They are an escape from a pretty volatile house, almost like painting for me, I can take hours/days to edit at times. I do feel this project is something that needed to be done and the images are about the subject as well as of the subject, but after a body of work is complete I feel it is done and I should move on using my creative skills in the images more. I felt this during the review too. I was advised in previous module to take this on and at the time of the review it may of helped if the tutors knew what the previous advice was so that we could discuss if it worked or if I should backtrack to historical or at least images that are worked on deeper. So going forward I hope that tutors see I have tried to implement the advice given.

I was advised to look at Bettina Von Zwehl and Esther Teichman by Anna Maria and Valesques, Fuko and Foucault from Jesse so will check those out and see where it takes me.

CHEVALIER, T., WIGGINS, C., HUNTER, T., YOUNG, C., WEAVER, B., HYNE, J., & LE TISSIER, P. (2005). Tom Hunter: living in hell and other stories. London, National Gallery Company Limited.

Images in order of Module starting to where I am now.

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