Informing contexts-Feedback from Sustainable projects

Well I'd be lying if I said I was happy with the feedback and scores I received from Sustainable Prospects.

After a glitch in the system giving wrong marks, even when it rectified itself I found that a year on, I had got marks the lowest I had got in the year. For WIP= Module one-70% Module Two-78% Module Three-57%

But then saying that I am not surprised as I felt the module was not as productive as previous modules, in-fact it was aimed at a much lower stage than where I felt we were at and what we should be doing at this stage in the MA. During the module we as a cohort expressed our concerns and to brutally honest I feel as a cohort we paid the price for those views in our scores as I most certainly am not the only to have a drop in score.

There was also comment about me engaging more, when it certainly was not for the want of trying. Many webinars cancelled because tutor had family problems, webinars not happening on time as module leader didn't arrive as her diary was wrong. As well as extremely poor signal, could never hear them. So I feel if you are going to say someone needs to engage, then you need to give them to opportunity to do that.

It almost feels that the tutor and module leader hadn't even looked at where my work has come from and where it is placed now, and the progress in between. Comments like

"Maybe it would be interesting to move away from your comfort zone and introduce different lighting techniques, pose and subject types" If they would have looked at my WIP they would see various images I took along the way, as I was inspired or had things suggested in previous modules I took that on board and tried things to see how they worked, and therefore, within the portfolio there are studio based images, images outside, historical and non historical, costume and none, studio light, flash, natural light, post processing with photoshop and none. And so I feel I am certainly not afraid to experiment, I also played around with types of posing.

Advising how it would be of interest for me to look at how light is used to permeate certain situations? Why?

a suggestion of looking at Rinko Kawauchi

A look at that I struggle to see the relevance to my work or even how the light would work with a rembrandt style historical image. It also says about me taking more risks? How much more can I risk. The feedback seem empty in that there are suggestions but nothing to back that up, no reason why. It feels by the recommendations that I am being pushed into modern contemporary images and away from my chosen style? That is all well and good but when I do my thing I got 78% when I took advice I got 58% and so you can see my concern moving forward.

The writing feedback doesn't really meet the score, it isn't negative and so I am very confused as to the score drop, an answered email doesn't really answer that or justify the score so I guess I am going to have to put it to bed and start the new module with a clean slate.

I will have a discussion with new tutor as to where I want to go moving forward and If I will be penalised for experimenting.

WIP Module 1

WIP Module 2

WIP Module 3

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