Informing contexts - Sum up - Project plans, where am I heading?

You know, every module I start I have a clear aim in mind. To create something that I want to look at and that others will find interesting. I, since beginning the course have progressed with not only my technical skills, I have looked more into Rembrandt lighting and adding more depth to my images but experimented with light source and locations. In turn I have added more story, by looking at the evidence within the image that gives the viewer something to grab on to. Be it a prop or costume, or a scene. My last module I feel I succeeded in keeping people looking longer and want to expand on that. That said, my creative side very often runs away with me and I came into this module with a plan. That plan was based around children that in history has been in control, ruled or had a significant role.

To do that I placed a facebook request for models. Because of the nature of this project there are far too many costumes and props required I have asked for help from parents that want to collaborate in return for images and free headshots.

The were to choose a character that their child could fill a role. Maybe look like in some way. Costumes were to be authentic looking, as although I can photoshop I also want to minimise work as last module I spend hours on some images and the scores I got didn't in any way reflect the work or progression that went into them. Not to say I wont put as much into the images in this module, I don't do things in halfs but I will be seeking clarification from my tutor I am doing okay.

So after the character is chosen the parents send me pics of costumes and we book a date to shoot.

I have done two sessions so far, a gorgeous cleopatra and Queen Wilhemina. I will do a more in depth post on each character this module as I felt it was missing in the CRJ that module. Here are a few unedited snaps.

I have already learnt more about finding multiple sources and will do my best to get that in as I read and learn more. I do feel a little on the back foot as I am not as well read as many of my student friends so I cant just pluck things out of thin air. But I am continuing learning to enjoy looking at books for within this module.

“ …how you build a picture, what a picture consists of, how shapes are related to each other, how spaces are filled, how the whole thing must have a kind of unity.” Paul Strand

So I will be making sure that all things go together. Even when it involves Cleopatra as a 20th Century girl with her mobile.

Is photography over? I came across this website. Still working my way through it but while I was thinking about how much control I actually have. Costume, model, setting, props, lighting technique, placement. I don't actually have control in the camera, only adjust what it does. I still use a Nikon D750 and this time I was using a 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art. Completed images will be added as completed.

PHILIP-LORCA DICORCIA: "I think it’s changed it. I mean, for most of my life, I’ve subscribed to the better living through chemistry approach. And now that, you know, that is challenged by too many darkrooms—I can barely see—I think that one of the great things about digital photography is that I don’t know how to do it and I ask everybody else to do it. So it’s doubled. I mean, the fact that digital technology does a lot of things that you used to have to do yourself. And you’re not actually doing it, you’re correcting what it does."

The consumption of my images remains the same. I shoot for me but I would love to work towards an exhibition with FMP.

#Workinprogress #informingcontexts

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