Informing Contexts - Guest John Angerson

A few words on the webinar tonight with John Angerson. I enjoyed looking at his work. So things Im taking away from that webinar.

  • Try for money from the Arts Council

  • Have no pre conceived ideas of what images you are going to take as you do better off the cuff.

  • Know what you are good at.

  • Surround yourself with people who are good at their own stuff as you can't be good at everything.

  • Utilise your friends skills.

  • Be versatile.

  • Don't rush taking pictures, he said each image he takes is £15. Wow, my digital images are almost worthless compared to that.

  • Try different things.

  • Do research.

  • Ask yourself is it practicable, keep it manageable.

I asked him, does he use text on most of his work to which he replied he did, he wanted to give just enough to bring people in and then they can decide fr themselves.

I also asked him if he felt it was still possible to be original today to which he replied a resounding yes.

©John Angerson

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