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Without fail, every video or anything I do that requires sounds has a lovely background hum of a fighter jet going over my house. So after a few retakes I decided it was to stay.

Putting together the video for peer review I actually found harder than for tutors as the tutors are hopefully beginning to understand where I am and where I am going.

So we had to prepare a 10 minute video presentation which critically reflects and contextualises your own practice. Consider the intent of your practice, its planned professional location, as well as critically contextualising and evaluating its development e.g. technically, aesthetically, conceptually, professionally

Feedback I received and putting here so I don't loose the valuable comments.

Mick Yates: Gail, I really enjoyed this.Your practice has really shifted in the past year, and it's been a pleasure to watch. I like where you are ending up - with a collaborative activity, telling a historical story through a combination of modern eyes and 'old costume'. Video and sound really helps.And your use of critical theory to support your views is appreciated. Totally agree on Sally Mann!If I have a critique, it would be that in showing so much of the video of you at work, towards the beginning, you loose something in telling the story of your photography. How you used to shoot, how you shoot now, and what you want to shoot.Also, I think you are being modest in 'not changing the world'. If, working with kids, you can bring alive these historical

Stuart Knowles: Gail,I really admire you work ,but you already know that. I liked the video and also it was very interesting to hear about the Dutch photographer Danielle and I think your right with staying to your way of makeup and PS.I think you need to have more trust in yourself and what you do and I am sure people will drive to you to have the photos taken. If I could give a small idea to the photo of the boy and the blowing bubble gum, if he had a mobile in the hand or appeared to be texting this might give a modern twist to an old style pic as the bubble gum could still be back in the 70s but mobile is today. Your comments on Sally Mann in my eyes are correct, some of her pics are close to disturbing. Also your shot of the no make up girl was yes a little less impacting however have you played with grouping all your edit to one layer and then lower opacity to the middle point between Danielle and you and see where that takes you?As Mick says maybe there is a education angle in what you do, the boy shot old and then today style and letting the kids from a school be involved so they learn the difference of how they could have lived years ago then how one little device or tech can totally change their lives today.I just want to finish with keep up the amazing work, you are way better than you realise. I am beginning to see how I do and enjoy impacting children within my photography.

Tobias Wilde: Fab discussion of your work an honest and humble presentation. Your work is beautiful I agree regarding Sally Mann and her work it doesn’t always sit right with me either. Your humble nature is to be applauded and form how you speak it sounds like you are hear for the love of learning something that I admire and respect your for. Theorist wise have a look at “Another way of telling” I think you will like it. another way of telling Links to an external site.If your near Louth (rural Lincolnshire) let me know can always grab a coffee and talk photography.stories in interesting ways, then I could see an educational project, with

impact.Nice work. Bought the book, he was right!

Tutor: I enjoyed watching this. Interesting in what you are saying with regards to the work of Danielle Van Saddlehof and saying that her images look washed-out and do not attain to the stunning colours of 'old-masters' paintings. Here you need to be more specific to an actual artist rather than mentioning a broad-sweep of 'masters'. Interesting in the work of Kali Spitzer too in using Tin Types. Black and White, is this something you could use in your own practice Gail? I would also recommend that you look at her other work... Places in particular. Don't forget to take a look also at: It's Called Ffasiwn by Clémentine Schneidermann. I really enjoyed the audio being introduced into your work Gail and it doesn't need to be restricted to the CRJ only. Its great also to encourage a spirit of idealism in such young minds too, because it is now there chance to change the world..Kind wishes, P

Really liked the idea of Ffasiwn, what they did using the kids to talk about fashion and using the local community, and Landscape. Something I will definitely be looking at as another option for FMP. Black and white is also something I enjoy and will look at depending on the project.

I wish I could believe in myself more!

'Reading our feelings and reading the work are, in general, virtually inseperable processes. Emotion without cognition is blind. Cognition without emotion is vacuous' (Scheffler, 1991: 9)

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