FMP - First 1-2-1

So after handing in assignments I was looking forward to sitting back and patiently waiting for the results to flow in, but Wendy had other ideas and we all are being prepared for the FMP, which to be fair was very helpful in focussing me. Reassuring me that it IS okay to still experiment during FMP and that she wants to see us really push ourselves. We discussed a few of my ideas along the lines of.

1. Limbless with historical twists.

2. Local areas and youths telling the local news.

3. Sins and Virtues

Wendy felt the limbless idea was the best to go with even though it is going to be a challenge as I am currently dealing with people who are very slow to reply.

Wendy recommended Alexa Wright - Phantom Limbs. What a great piece of work! Will look into that further over the next week but now I'm putting it here so I do not forget.

So thoughts on the week four proposal are going to be based around limbless at this stage and so where I thought I was going to be sitting on my laurels for a few weeks, I am now in full flow thinking about the proposal and if things do not work with the current organisation I am hoping to be working with, what then? I am not concerned though that things feel like a fogged up window, I'm sure it will soon clear up.

I was surprised at the amount of 1-2-1s and that the first one was counted in the overall amount. So 3 June presentation and four weeks later proposal which is marked.


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