FMP- Tutorial

Tutorial with Wendy, Review of proposal.

I want to do a community based project and something that can move forward afterwards to potentially raise funding, and look deeper at what communities to work with.

Location of practice, ability to engage with audience, really engage with different groups.

Reflect more on current and not historical.

Look at how to describe work.

Proposal 10% for our benefit to see holes you need to plug.

I had hit a brick wall and need to move forward.

Time to push into new territory. Inject more of the real, aspects of life.

Experiment and research to move forward.

Discussed how I live in a very pro brexit area, how parents are divided but the kids are friends and haven’t got a clue what the parents are falling out over.

I discussed the use of banners and exhibition whilst Brexit was happening.

I don’t want it to be just Brexit. But how do the children feel, how do I do it? Various ways I could do that.

Identified social problems, miscommunication. Various strategies, Michelle Sank worked with kids from Disadvantaged communities, or staged approach, reenact.

Gillian Waring Signs. Discussed how signs are interesting. Wendy said to look at externalising the internal.

She suggested Michael Landy, signs.

Have never done work around signs, very different to what I would normally work with.

So moving ahead I need to listen to people and research. Iconography, signs. Visual research. Symbols of conflict. Look at information but think about how I can keep with kids, and to gather more research.

Mark Wallinger also did a piece of work on signs. State Britain 2007

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