FMP- Outcomes choices

I wanted to do an exhibition and felt that this course has given me the confidence to do that.

The words "gallery" and "exhibition" seem pretty serious and very intimidating but I feel for a subject like Brexit it needs to be done. An exhibition is just a public display of our work, and a gallery is just a place to have it. I don't think for a subject like this matters where it is, unlike previous work I felt it would look better in a listed old building.

This project can be anywhere so some thought on needs are;

Hall hire




Post cards



Welcome drinks


Prints for sale?


I already have cameras and lighting equipment I am happy with. I wanted to experiment further but could not find a sensibly priced field camera, I wished I lived closer to Falmouth to take advantage of the hire shop.

Depending on the space will depend on the amount of images and sizes etc.

Identified my audience. That is going to be all ages based on the fact this involves children. I will do a facebook invite too with a local area. But also do one with specific interests like Brexit, politics, and photography.

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram online communities, message boards and personal contact at local newspaper for release. Will let local photography teachers know my plans, and invite their classes to attend. Posters in local camera shop and local cafes.

Guestbook for feedback.

author unknown- wix free image

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