FMP - Victoria Forrest on Books

I felt really lucky to have a critique with Victoria, even though I wasn't totally prepared. My book wasn't anywhere near ready. But I got a lot of feedback. She also said the mask images felt repetitive, I have only just really thought about environmental but having dealt with constant rain and floods it was hard to get out.

Victoria spoke about the document process, about the editing of the images and the collaboration with the photographer/editor relationship. I found it a little confusing how a book editor is so involved in what the photographer wants to show. To the extent of cropping images and building a narrative. Which is fine if the photographer is open to that but made me wonder how many books are editor designed and not what the photographer wanted.

She spoke about colour palletts as well as fonts. Looked at page layouts and little things like margins being the same size and the use of page numbers. Over all it was very informative.

She suggested I look at Kirsty Mckay- Guardian. which is a current book with aperture.She felt the layout would suit what I was thinking of producing.

Screen shots. Accessed October 2019

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