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It's amazing how set on things you become. One thing I always notice with myself is that I am easily distracted, keeping to a plan is challenging as my artist side takes over and I go off on a tangent. I spent days driving around not really taking photos, the weather is killing us in Lincolnshire. My preferred venue for an exhibition is under water with floods and I have been cancelled.

Because of that I have spent more time on designing a book have been looking at book producers but have been stopped in my tracks by costs. The project to me is not a finished thing so the investment needs to be logical as I am not in the fortunate position of bottomless pit of money and not enough time to fund raise. So I am now on the hunt. I have called many galleries who have no space for me until next year, but for now I will keep looking.

Lincolnshire is huge expanse. Not really pretty unless you drive upto the wolds. Constant rain has meant I have dodged showers to take any photographs.

Plenty of time to look at signs and iconography and the use of symbols in conflict. Driving around Boston, most of the graffiti gets covered instantly. It's hard to find things like that. But I am taking photos with little plans of how they will look together.The mask is still creeping in.

#FMP #boston

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