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Oh don't get me started on Brexit! I am at a loss anymore as to what to think. But being as I am looking at this as an option within my FMP I suppose it helps to not be opinionated. Remain or leave, the way the EU has treated us in the process would make me want to leave. What a bunch of overpaid monkeys. I trust none of the parties to do the right thing by us. The county Lincolnshire where I live in is torn, but in the high favour of leave by 73%, highly emotional people who feel they need to be out of the EU. The feeling is that there is so much racism and people telling the Polish to go home and worse. This affects not only them but their children as this is often said in front of them. Do they care how their choices will affect the next generation. You know the ones that are still at school and have not much of an idea of what their parents choices will have on them. This is going to be represented in a part of what I will look at.

Looking at models for a project like this has made me re think who I would want to use. It's such a dividing subject and young models can be exposed to bullying as it is.

Having discussions with Parents, I have decided to ask for actresses that can model, so that they can process their thoughts and see it as a role they can get into and not look on it too personally as I would like the models to be a part of the exhibition and be a live part of it.

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