FMP- Looking at locations

Spending hours driving around looking at locations only to realise I don't know what I want to say and I came to the conclusion I need to stick with what other people want to say.

I have been inspired by Clémentine Schniedermann and decided I liked the idea of an estate background as seen on her website and reviewed on DMB

"Recently exhibited at Martin Parr's Foundation, It’s Called Ffasiwn explores Documentary, performance, social commentary, landscape photography and, of course, fashion. It’s Called Ffasiwn explores all of these forms but belongs to none.

Clémentine and Charlotte met in the Valley’s town, Abertillery, in 2015. Realising their common interest, they began hosting fashion-themed workshops for young people in two youth groups. They’ve collaborated and worked with the same young people for the past three years. Drawing on their own industry experience, they have taught the young people skills such as sewing, customising clothes and styling. The children helped put together the outfits in the photographs, which were taken by Clémentine.

Deprivation in the South Wales Valleys has been documented for decades. The media has reliably presented the nation with caricatures of unemployment, declining town centres and, more recently, sound bites for unsympathetic reports on Brexit-voting regions. The coverage has rarely sought to explore the complexities of de-industrialisation and what this means for people, families and communities. Clémentine and Charlotte’s business here is not to deny the reality of social deprivation. Instead, they juxtapose this with the vivacity, promise and hope of youth."

I see a very similar style in my outdoor photography. Although Landscape and environmental is not a place I found myself drawn to before, I am quickly becoming interested in this to add to my current style. I like how she used fashion to collaborate with the kids. This also links to declining towns in Lincolnshire and how Brexit is affecting things. Factories and field work are very high on the thoughts of lincs folk, they wont survive without the Polish and Latvian people. I hope to use this to draw on in my project.

Accessed online 18 September 2019

Clementine Schneiderman for Gucci 2019


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