FMP - Feeling irritated

Over the last two months I have been in contact with BLESMA, twin tracking, current affairs project with BLESMA. After a very successful meeting and promises of plenty of models I could use to create images of anachronistic views. The idea was to look at costumes which would fit with my desired style. I have been chasing costumes, calling museums and costume hire shops. But until I get a sense of the person and story I can't put person to costume. I intend to add parts of their life pre loosing a limb in a war situation. I have a friend that works there and put me in touch with who I needed to deal with in the art and photography department. A meeting went well and she was very excited about my project and I was excited about a collaboration of this level, but jump forward several weeks...

My contact at BLESMA has not been returning calls or doing what she said, and when chased has said she can't put the time in at the moment. Not that she had to do anything but send an email to members to see who wanted to model for me. I made the decision to drop this, and feeling very frustrated that I have wasted so much time doing this. As Exhibition space was booked as was a printer decided using promised BLESMA discounts. All in London near BLESMA so that the organisation could be a part of this exhibition.

So this week I have been cancelling bookings and printers re thinking what to do now.


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