FMP - The magazine and cards

Having realised at the time I didn't have enough to do a good 140 page book. I have edited it down to be a volume one with 80 pages. That way I can continue the project after the MA finishes.

The brochure is available on Blurb here

The book is currently in process to be on Amazon, but they can take weeks. I listed it via Blurb here.

The whole process of book designing was pretty stressful. trying different programs, trying to learn Adobe ID overnight wasn't going to happen. I tried photoshop too, but realised that for a one off Blurb was a great go to. I didn't have the funds to approach a designer like Victoria Forrest, but I did value her advice.

I also create a QR

#photobook #theelephantintheroom #fmp

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