FMP - Tutorial

Tutorial with Wendy, felt very positive going in, showed book progression but decided what I wanted to do needed much more time. Not enough of a narrative for the book with so much mask and repetition I need to shoot more.

Sign workers wanted! Subtitle

Images of fields, Discussed, layout of images, putting six in a row. I decided after seeing images laid out like this at Paris photo that it was the aesthetic I wanted. I also realised at that point how valuable going to that exhibition was.

©Gail Timms Paris Photo (2018)

My work has really evolved in the last couple of months, I have gone out and shot widely around my subject, never thought of doing landscape so I also need to see how politicised the land is and write about observations, totally related to the Brexit and politics that are embodied in the landscape, it also breaks up repetition too.

Discussed the building and gallery. Performative image of girls in museum was strong.

We discussed blocks of six, the fields, the typology of shop fronts, then the performative work.

Discussed Peter Mitchell Leeds

Martin parr, photographing social structures. David Moore. Pictures in the real world. Working class culture.

Break it down in to the parts.

We discussed the layout in the CROP

Its amazing how I started out as one subject, but eyes opened and seeing everything around me has enabled it to evolved into the town.

#brexit #fmp

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